Latest Baratunde Email: Emergency Landing + LA

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Issue 12,984

Things I Have Done

The Greatest Twitter Story Ever Told

This week I was flying to LA when my plane made an emergency landing in Kentucky. Along the way, I experienced new friendships, free food, and a celebrity mustache. I live-tweeted the experience and packaged it into a Twitter Moment for you.

I'm Graduating Tonight in Los Angeles

I’m in LA for a week and part of a thing here tonight. So sorry this is late notice, but I’ve been running a little hard lately. I participated in a creative exercise called The Art of Freelance. It’s a course designed to get your projects out of your brain and into the world. Thirty of us will be sharing the projects we’ve been working on. Mine is about what I'm doing with my life next. Come tonight at the Viaduct. Doors at 6pm. Art and Music and FOOD!

One or Two More Things

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Media Worth Consuming and Things Worth Doing

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