My Latest Email: Trump Is The Alien Invader Uniting Us

Email From Baratunde

Issue 12,984

Heroes. Citizens.

We made it to Friday. I offer a round of applause on this momentous occasion. 👏🏾 Fridays may soon be outlawed along with facts and compassion. So let's celebrate.

I've reorganized this email and just wanted to take a moment before diving in to say thank you. The world is in a topsy turvy place right now, and especially in these United States. We've discovered a new solar system, and I'm sure that means the people who got rich processing payments online will feel justified in leading colonial exoplanetary expeditions soon. We've been bombarded with counterproductive nonsense from the new American White House and its de facto president Steve Bannon, aka Bad Santa, aka Never Has A Face Provided Such An Accurate Picture Of The Soul.

Yet we've also seen the orange alien invader unite various factions in an unpresidented alliance of resistance in which immigrants and trans people and scientists and patriotic republicans and the intelligence community stand for the America we know is possible and against incompetence and corruption and irrational fear of stairs.

In this email you'll get the regular dose of Baratunde updates and self promotion (updated website people!), but I will start by shining a light elsewhere on the artists and activists and everyday citizens doing good work to keep us sane and woke and filled with smiles.

I love some of you,


Things Others Have Done

Things I Have Done

My First PSA: Encrypt Yo Shit

It definitely has nothing to do with the new administration and its lack of basic understanding of or competence at government, democracy, technology, or spelling. Buuut, I teamed up with Sandwich Video and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help launch tools that make the internet more secure.

Calling Congress. Every. Week.

I've been engaging in democracy by means more active than shopping—namely, calling my elected representatives live on Facebook every Tuesday. Tools from and have made it easier than ever. I'm trying to demonstrate the process so it's less scary and more fun. I play Hamilton tracks while on hold. See the videos.

A Few More Things

Things I Have Yet To Do

  • March 2, 2017 - Brooklyn, NY. I kick it with Questlove in public talking about creativity. Tickets.

  • March 15, 2017 - Austin, TX. I'm speaking at SXSW about Trump. It's at 3:30pm. I'm joining good people.

  • March 24, 2017 - San Francisco, CA. I do standup and a public conversation at the Brava Theatre. Info and tickets.

  • My taxes. I haven't done my taxes yet, but there's time.

This is the End of the Email