Pardon Me, Wanna Be At My TV Pilot Taping?

Email From Baratunde

Issue 119,913

Heroes. Citizens.

I’ve been working on something semi-secret: my own TV show. Yes, a Baratunde show. Hosted by me, Baratunde.

We are taping a pilot in NYC on August 2nd. It is not open to the public, and there’s a good chance the full public will never see that taping. There’s no big media release about this because it’s a step in a longer process. On that point, I can’t ask you to keep this secret because I just put the information in a pre-Wikileaks repository known as your inbox, but I do ask that you keep it quiet on the social media and publicity front. There will (hopefully) be ample opportunity for public celebration and denials of wrongdoing later.

Meanwhile, we are looking for a range of people to be in the live audience, and I wanted to make sure my dope ass email people were given a chance to fill some of the slots.

If you know you can be in NYC on August 2nd for a live event starting around 5pm ET, and you are interested, and you won’t intentionally try to gum up the works, please fill out this survey.

I love some of you,


Things Others Have Done

  • The folks at the Equal Justice Initiative partnered with to reveal this hidden history of lynching in America in a poignant way. You’ll check it out because you’ve always wondered how black people ended up in California and New York but never thought the answer was “domestic terrorism."

  • Generations later, the system is still horribly broken as this NYC case reveals. You think a better headline is "Bronx Teen Held Hostage By Corrupt System Demanding $250K For Release" and you decide to donate to his bail fund.

  • In need of something hopeful after that, you spend 23 minutes watching the white mayor of New Orleans explain why he is removing Confederate memorials from his city. It's one of the greatest political speeches in U.S. history.

  • … which may be coming to an end because the planet is super doomed according to this horrifying analysis that made me want to just drink wine and watch Netflix until smallpox re-emerged from the melting ice to kill everyone. Note: there’s a dispute about that doomsday scenario.

  • If we’re all going to die from unbreathable air, we can at least enjoy this story of the Trump supporter who shot himself while raging against a protest that was entirely made up before the End Times arrive.

  • Speaking of the mediocre, up-failing, big truck enthusiast that is temporarily the U.S. president… While the 2020 election is far away, you can make a difference in state legislative races this year by supporting this women-led creative PAC using filmmaking skills to create campaign videos for progressive Virginia House of Delegates candidates.

  • You know you can do more, but you’re too busy to start your own non-profit or generate your own children, so you decide to volunteer as a mentor, advisor, business plan judge and more for children who already exist. The BUILD program invests in the youth our nation is terrorizing with over-policing and threats of deportation. There’s never been a better time to stand with them.

  • Now it's time for a movie break. Tickling Giants tells the story of Dr. Bassem Youssef, the "Egyptian Jon Stewart", who decides to leave his job as a heart surgeon and become a late-night comedian where he finds creative, non-violent ways to protect free speech and fight a president who abuses his power. Totally. Not. Relevant. To. America.

  • You made it to the end of the list and really just want to mindlessly scroll, like, and share content on your phone, the way God and venture-backed social media companies intended. Fortunately, a new app born out of Cultivated Wit's Comedy Hack Day has arrived, and it is honest about its desire to waste your time.

Things I Have Done

Writing Again

I’ve started writing regularly again and have a column on Medium. Check out this bomb-ass video profile of me that was on their homepage. Then pay the $5 per month to subscribe and see writing by me and other, even better, writers.


Fusion did a different video profile about me you might dig, and last fall, I hosted the gala for Acumen, an organization fighting global poverty with less bullshit philanthropy and more proven models. Here’s me doing a dramatic reading of their beautiful manifesto.

Things I Have Yet To Do

There's always more to do, but I've been focused on the secret TV project mostly.

Meanwhile I'm plotting a trip late summer to Paris, London, and the UK countryside (Cambridge, York, Lake District, Bath, Cornwall). If you've got some must-experience recommendations for things Google doesn't know about, write me back, and let me know if you'll be in those spots or know quality humans who will.

This is the End of the Email 👊🏾