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"I’ve been working on something semi-secret: my own TV show. Yes, a Baratunde show. Hosted by me, Baratunde."
Update: I’m making another test show and could use some help with a piece about racial conversations. I’m looking for a few good white people to share interactions you’ve had with friends, colleagues, and relatives who expressed racist or racist-leaning ideas. How did you deal with it? Did you deal with it at all? Did you unfriend them on Facebook?

This form is how we’re collecting information.

Mostly I’m looking for people who can physically show up for on-camera participation this Sunday December 3rd in Brooklyn, NY. However, if you aren’t in NYC I’m still interested in your stories so fill out the form if it applies to you.

Things Others Have Done

  • Instead of watching 42 minutes of television, you read this 42 minute article by Adam Serwer who I used to blog with back in the day at Jack and Jill Politics. It’s a devastating analysis of white nationalism in America under Trump and long, long before.

  • Having digested that episode-length article, you’re now into binge-reading as much as binge-watching so you dive into “Love in the Time of Robots” by Alex Mar and get super freaked out.

  • After that double-header, you're doubting what it even is to be human, and you bring it back down to Earth. One of the actors from the upcoming Black Panther film has come out as an undocumented immigrant. I’m speaking of Bambadjan Bamba.

  • …So you agree to visit Dreamers.fwd.us everyday and plug in your phone number and call your member of Congress, saying, "Hi I'm a constituent and I'm calling to let Member X know that it's really important that they pass the bipartisan DREAM Act before going home for the holidays.” If we win this now, we make life for all immigrants a bit easier under these shitty times. Tell your friends.

  • Brooklyn Defender Services is asking for help providing warm clothing to detainees at NYC's jail complex / penal colony known as Riker's Island. Winter is coming. There's no heat. So you buy some items on the Amazon Wishlist to pick up the slack where society has failed.

  • Now it’s time to collect your reward. I’m literally copying and pasting from my friend Deanna Zandt’s newsletter in promoting these Sailor J videos on YouTube. Start with Contouring 101.

  • And we got a black princess yall! The Irish Times wins the caption contest.

Things I Have Done

Writing Again

Here's my latest Medium article about meeting a Nazi on a train in England. Other than that, it was an awesome, awesome trip.


Things I Have Yet To Do

My public schedule is ratcheting up for the remainder of the year. I'm talking lots and lots of standup comedy! Yay! Like four shows a week sometimes. Check my events page to stay up on my public appearances.

This is the End of the Email. I Love Some of You. 👊🏾