Special Announcement: my biggest piece since How To Be Black 📝 

I had to break out a special template for this:

I wrote something big!

In a two-part feature on Medium, I’ve done my most significant piece of writing since How To Be Black. I’m proud of it and hope you’ll read, contemplate, spread the word or even help advance the thinking.

The topic is our personal data online -- how it’s collected, used, and valued -- and why we should care a lot more than we do. This is about more than tech. It’s about a battle for the future that affects civil rights, human rights, freedom, creativity, and cat gifs.

  1. The first piece is a personal journey through Google, Facebook, and some cryptic "terms and conditions" I finally read.

  2. The second piece is a more hopeful rallying cry in which I make demands on Big Tech and on us to write a better future.

How You Can Help.

For the data detox....

For the manifesto...