Recommentunde - Thank You, Laborers - Week of Sep 1 2019

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For the week that began September 1 2019

Happy Labor Day, you!

This weekend I visited a Midwestern grocery store that was fully carpeted. It’s the most unnatural thing I’ve seen since finding out I pay a higher tax rate than Amazon.

Now, time for some internet content.

You’ve asked yourself why we haven’t mobilized to stop climate change. Here’s a convincing argument that it’s partially because we’re not wired to empathize with our descendants. But in good news, some innovation is happening in recycling y’all!

You know the U.S. Electoral College feels wrong, but Representative AOC jabs you with the math, and the New York Times editorial board hits you with the cross calling to fix the Electoral College or scrap it.

With a layer of U.S. bullshit exposed, you move on to: “I made a joke about Bret Stephens and bedbugs. His response was never about civility”.

I saw this exchange play out on Twitter, and the original jokester explains so much of what’s off about conservative “outrage.” Now, for a deeper analysis that gets past the bedbug king, you read how when conservatives say liberals have abandoned reason and civility, it sounds like what the Old South used to say to defend slavery.

This is a good moment to remember that there are nations other than the United States and that they actually do things America says it is good at, like “the American Dream.” Let’s all salute Canada for having the middle class America only talks about.

You heard something about Jay-Z doing a social justice music deal with the NFL and check out “Jay-Z Isn’t a Sellout, He’s a Capitalist.”

Speaking of capitalism, there’s division in the ranks of the one percent, and it’s playing out hilariously at a Chevy Chase dog park!

Meanwhile the Hong Kong protestors are inspired by Bruce Lee and are contributing to the evolution of protest and resistance. I’m taking notes.

This PBS video report covers why doctors are increasingly prescribing nature, so my prescription to you: go outside, not to get anywhere, just to be there. Let me know what you find when you get there.

Finally, in honor of Labor Day, you watch this heartfelt and empathetic under-10-minute film on the double life of truckers. Much appreciation to all the under-appreciated laborers who clean our homes, care for our sick, transport our goods, fight our wars, and generally do the thankless but necessary work so many of us are shielded from.

Peace and Love to you.