Recommentunde - Watch Warren & Apparently Fleabag? - Week of Sep 22 2019

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For the week that began September 22 2019

Greetings human! (No shoutouts to the machines this week sorry).

So, Fleabag huh? I gotta admit I've watched the first two episodes of season one because people wouldn't shut up about it, and would never have predicted so many Emmys! Proud of the creator for taking a one-woman Edinburgh show this far though. If anyone can tell me what makes Fleabag so good, hit me up. Seriously, I don't get it, and what began with me questioning my friends' taste has now expanded to the entire television academy. I NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS PEOPLE!

Now to the content recommendations!

If there’s one thing you do, you watch Elizabeth Warren speak in New York City at Washington Square Park. It’s the best I’ve ever seen her. Make some time for this. Trust me. She tells one hell of a story.

In related news… Young Black Voters to Their Biden-Supporting Parents: ‘Is This Your King?’

And now, unlike most cable news outlets, I devote an entire section to the climate crisis.

Greta comes to America and keeps it 100: Greta Thunberg, on Tour in America, Offers an Unvarnished View

10-minute video that should be played at airports instead of CNN: Greta Thunberg’s Stirring Wake Up Call to Congress

And something for those considering having children: Don’t Let Climate Change Stop You From Becoming a Parent


Thursday October 3rd, I’ll do one of the dopest gigs ever at the Brooklyn Museum where I’ll get to sit in conversation with the artist JR. Come to the event, and get early access to JR: Chronicles, the first major exhibition in North America of works by this incredible artist. Just today I saw his active mural/portrait of the city of San Francisco at SFMOMA, which you must see if you’re in that city between now and April 2020.

Excellent podcast interview from the BBC with Sam Smith about coming out as gender non-binary: Beyond Today, Sam Smith: what’s the problem with ‘them’?

A question we aren’t hearing enough: What if NYC has too many cops?

Have US cities peaked? Something Special Is Happening in Rural America

Canadian politician Justin Trudeau admitted to some behavior you thought only happened among white American politicians,: black face and brown face. The best response comes from Jagmeet Singh, Canadian parliamentarian and leader of the New Democratic Party.

Time for some action!

If you wanna do something, help fund grassroots organizations trying to win in the upcoming U.S. 2020 elections, or at least spread the message.

If you wanna feel amazing, and maybe do something, read this piece and try to help identify the person in question. You might cry reading the piece cause it’s such a beautiful story: Scientist Mahmoud Ghannoum wants to thank the stranger who helped him stay in America

Reminder: There's a YouTube playlist for you of my video recommendations as well as a podcast playlist.

Peace and Love to you.