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For the week that began December 15 2019

Image of a statement often said by Dr. Edward F. Meehan, whose memorial service I spoke at last night.

Tonight in all 50 US states there are impeachment rallies to demonstrate public support for the House’s actions. I’ll be attending in Times Square. I hope you’ll join in your area. Visit or text the word “rally” to 21333.

Last night I attended the memorial service for my therapist, friend, and mentor Dr. Edward Meehan. He passed after a 10 month bout with pancreatic cancer. He was full of wisdom and joy and weirdness, and it felt good to come together with his family, colleagues, and fellow clients to share and honor his memory. His daughter spoke, sharing something he had said to her a few months ago, and it feels right to share it with you:

My compassion has to be greater than my resentment. Resentments always start small. We usually point to outside variables as their cause, and yet they always start with I statements, and if you just say them out loud, usually they’re resolved. He believed that honesty was a revolution,

I hope these words serve you in whatever capacity is most meaningful and relevant.

And now, back to our regularly-scheduled content.

“Davis wondered how a man who was so intellectually curious that he learned Norwegian to better understand a novel, who went out of his way to learn an Aboriginal wooden instrument called the didgeridoo, could be so unaware about segregation patterns in his own city." From...

“This is what nerds are now: a volunteer army of PR freelancers for the biggest media companies in the world, shouting down anybody who refuses to read “BLACK WIDOW EQUALS FEMINISM” or “BABY GROOT IS AWESOMESAUCE” off a cue card held by a dancing Spider-Man.” From...


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Yes, Europe is fragmenting, but not without a fight.

The US war in Afghanistan was run on an ever-expanding basis of lies and likely delivered just what Osama Bin Laden hoped for in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. According to information released in the Afghanistan Papers

There are lots of retrospectives coming, but this feels like the only one worth linking to just now.



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