Recommentunde SPECIAL - you can text me now

Special Dispatch

You can text me now.

A very special video I made for you which says what the text below says

Big news email family member and happy MLK day,

As you know, I've been on all the social medias since forever, and it's been both great and terrible, useful and frustrating. I've been followed, and I've been blocked. I've binged, and I've detoxed. Roughly 18 months ago, I started testing a different way to interact with my audience and community: text messaging. Today I'm ready to launch my number publicly. Like right now.

Here goes: 202-894-8844.

Send a text message to this number to join. There's no charge other that whatever your mobile provider / monopoly charges for texting. The company providing the service is at if you want to check them out.

Joining my community text number means you'll get updated when I'm traveling to your area, happy birthday messages on your birthday, and announcements when I start a live stream or just do something really weird and badass like make a replica of Stonehenge out of apples in my kitchen (true story).

If you subscribe, you'll also get every message I share intended for you, which (ahem) some not-to-be-named-platforms have stopped doing in favor of a business model technically known as “extortion.”

Most importantly, you can exchange some back and forth with me in a way that's different from social media. I'll ask you questions and do my best to answer them. I'll request your input on projects, and I'll share some behind-the-scenes from events. For example, when I recently attended a small group event with Senator Sanders and AOC, I made the full video available to my community text members who were interested.

If you're tired of missing the good stuff from me or just want to have another way to interact, send a text to 202-894-8844.