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You can find this on my Instagram. It's a quote from an interview I did with David Orban in Italy. Read below for more.

“Realism is more important than hope.”

These are the words of David Orban who is living in Bergamo Italy right now. He shared them on a live stream show I hosted Sunday night — Live On Lockdown. He continued, “The U.S. runs the risk of being hit even harder [than Italy] because of the delay of [social distancing] measures.” He punctuated his point saying:

“Don't mix up with others. Don't go to the restaurants. Don't go to the pubs. Don't go to concerts. Five hundred people or more is ridiculous. Five people or more shouldn't happen.”

I posted the 10 minute segment with David on Instagram and Vimeo. I also had a moment explaining how I think we in the United States need to brace ourselves for major impact. We are closer to an Italian experience with this virus than a South Korean one. That is to say, the number of infected and dead will likely climb very quickly. Exponential growth is a helluva drug, and psychologically, we don’t expect tomorrow to be radically different from today, but that’s what we need to prepare for. One week from now may be unrecognizable. One month? Who knows.

Also, what are we supposed to do about haircuts!? I haven’t seen any provision for that. Will the Fed inject a barber-specific stimulus? Will Zoom offer remote self-fade guides? I know Medicare is doing more with telemedicine, and our president acted like it was the first time he ever heard of remote doctor visits, but can a brother get some tele-styling? Tele-cosmetology? Is there a mobile barber van with hygienic clean-suit setup we can create? That’s how serious this virus is people!

On the bright side, I’ve been connecting more or reconnecting with lots of friends and loved ones. Virtual whiskey Friday. Random calls. Zoom story time at the Brooklyn Public Library is great for those with kids. One friend who is a lawyer said since the court system isn’t holding hearings, maybe they will actually process the briefs he’s been filing. “If they don’t have anything else to do, maybe they’ll do their jobs.”

Silver lining? People are connecting locally through text message groups. There are virtual dance parties!

And I’m planning to try out another Live On Lockdown episode tomorrow (Wednesday, 18 March 2020) around 3pm pacific time. Register if you wanna be in the Zoom live studio audience! and help me experiment with this form of community / broadcast / group therapy / media making.

This is the part where I normally say, "Now, for your regularly-scheduled content" but instead you should watch this YouTube video since that's what we do now...

You really should watch this before proceeding.

“A Coronavirus Winter”: Michael T. Osterholm on the Road Ahead

Article from The New Atlantis

Back with another doozy from Dr. Michael Osterholm, the man whose Joe Rogan interview I linked to in Friday’s special edition. He’s baaaack, and he says: “this is going to be a coronavirus winter and we’re just in the first week or two of a long season. This could last for months.” So click to know stuff but don’t be mad at me when you come back. I didn’t make this virus, nor the inept initial federal response.

Why Telling People They Don’t Need Masks Backfired

Article in The New York Times

Well, dang. Elizabeth tried to tell me, and I was kind of defending the system, but enough of that! Some mask is better than no mask. Zeynep Tufecki argues that the messaging around masks not working at all was a poor way to discourage people from hoarding masks that medical professionals need.

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”

Article in the Washington Post

So this is a great article, and it does what the headline says it does. But you want to know what’s better, me walking you through the article with color commentary and jokes. Watch on IGTV, Facebook, or Vimeo (be sure to turn on the closed captioning).

Here’s an assortment of practical resources to help you through this.

Working and Learning from Home with Young Children

Very thoughtful advice about schooling your kids at home. Thanks Stacy!

All of Wirecutter’s Coronavirus Coverage

I trust the Wirecutter with my computer and home grilling purchases, so why not for a pandemic!?

Virtual Programming | Brooklyn Public Library

The Brooklyn Public Library is doing everything from virtual story time for kids to virtual Dungeons & Dragons. You’re welcome.

8ight Things I learned in Solitary Confinement, That Will Help You Keep Calm During the Coronavirus Pandemic

My friend Shaka Senghor comes through with the dope lessons from another type of lockup.

Google Calendar of Virtual Events, largely NYC based

Organized by Kate Gardiner and the folks at Greyhorse, you can add this to your own calendar or just look at it online. Time zone is Eastern. So much cool and weird stuff in here!

Now, let’s all take a moment to listen to Idris Elba

Idris tested positive, and he's classy as hell about it.

We are closing on a moment of beauty. You must listen to this Tom Hanks story.

Spoiler Alert: Tom Hanks is as wonderful as we think he is. Listen to The Daily episode with him.

Recommended Twitter Lists

You do not need a Twitter account to read them or even have to follow these people. It’s a filtered view through expert science writers and scientists.

  1. list of fewer than 10 accounts I made. very u.s. centered.

  2. A bigger list of 79 a dope science lady made . more global in scope.


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