Recommentunde Weekend: Your Ideas for Live On Lockdown - 18 April 2020

Join Live On Lockdown Sunday 3p PT / 6p ET

It's the light, weekend edition.

0. Congratulations Again

Once again you made it to Saturday, and you are to be applauded, nay, standing ovationed for reaching another weekend. Bravo and Brava to you. You're a star! Bonus points if you skipped today's White House Coronavirus Briefing.

1. Contribute to Live On Lockdown

I made a very short, simple, fun, amazing survey for you to contribute ideas.
I guarantee enjoyment.

The Sunday show is on Zoom at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern. Register here, and add it to your calendar. Zoom won't send you a reminder because, well, because Zoom is being asked to do a lot right now like raise our children and save our economy. Sending email reminders just slipped through the cracks.

Tomorrow's interview focus: NY State Senator Gustavo Rivera who praises Governor Cuomo but also says this about the governor's attempts to cut Medicaid during the pandemic:

Governor Cuomo has proven time time and time again -- and this is something that I know very, very well -- he is effective. He is smart. He surrounds himself with smart people, and he understands governance. But he has no core. He has no principles and values that guide his thinking. For him, it is how do I get a political win

I posted some clips already. Will share more during the taping plus a sneak peak of my interview with my big sister Belinda!!

2. This is just a fun video for the weekend

Ina Pinkney texted me another great video. Now I'm sharing it with you. It's fun. You'll see.

Stay well. That's an order. Here's a photo of a chicken I roasted. I roast chickens now.