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As of today, the new coronavirus has killed as many Americans as the entire Vietnam War (58,000). Like that war, these deaths were preventable and based on lies. Like that war, the way out involves all of us. Let's stop repeating history. Test. Trace. Supported Isolation. And VOTE! See more in this video I just posted today. Thanks to the U.S. Naval Institute for teaching me the truth of the lie that led to the disastrous Vietnam War.

Meanwhile, I have two upcoming interviews to post from Live On Lockdown including California Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo and climate activist Dahni-El Giles.

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It's just one minute and this video will have you cracking up!

With Schools Shut by Coronavirus, Remote Learning Strains Parents

Article in The New York Times

Much respect, love, and sympathy to the parents out there trying to juggle it all during stay-at-home time with your kids. “With teachers relegated to computer screens, parents have to play teacher’s aide, hall monitor, counselor and cafeteria worker — all while trying to do their own jobs under extraordinary circumstances.”

The real story of US democracy isn’t the drama. It’s the complete unresponsiveness to it

Article in The Correspondent

Here’s a thoughtful analysis of my country’s broken democracy. It uses the stability of Trump’s approval rating to argue that America has become completely desensitized to- and divested from politics.

How To Medical by Sarah Cooper

Video on internet

This is a pitch perfect comedic impression by a talented writer and comic. And so short!

Up to 90% of minority and women owners shut out of Paycheck Protection Program, experts fear

Article at CBS News

I’m sorry were you feeling calm and not filled with rage for a moment. Let me fix that for you.

Trump fills briefings with attacks and boasts, but little empathy

Analysis in the Washington Post

It’s not news anymore. The U.S. has a monstrosity for a president, someone incapable of even the performance of empathy for the dead of his own nation. Add this to the pile that makes removing this man from office priority number one.

Ava Duvernay’s Filmmaker Tweet-a-thon

Event on the Twitter

This Thursday, Ava Duvernay will host a Twitter chat under the hashtag #ArrayNow. It will run from 9am - 7pm PT and it will be filled with goodness.

Are female leaders more successful at managing the coronavirus crisis?

Article in The Guardian

“Plenty of countries with male leaders – Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Greece, Australia – have also done well. But few with female leaders have done badly.”

Bill Gates explains his plan to end the coronavirus pandemic

Long interview in Vox

This is a thoughtful, fact-filled conversation about the new coronavirus and where we might go from here. This is what the White House briefings should be doing.

Americans Are United In Support of Stay At Home Orders

Video segment from Live On Lockdown

I shared some moments of good news in this past Sunday’s show as I learned of the overwhelming support Americans have for the stay at home orders. It’s almost as if white people with guns waving flags get covered far more than they should. Why ever would that be?

Simple Stretches to Ease Back Pain and Other Aches

Article on Medium

Probably the most practical item in today’s newsletter. You're welcome.

Why Senegal Was Trending On Twitter

Video from Al Jazeera

Other nations represent an alternate universe in which national government executives take things seriously and act to prepare. Here we have a West African nation doing something the U.S. still hasn’t managed to do: create low cost, rapid COVID-19 testing. FOR ONE DOLLAR PER TEST OMG I’M GOING TO LOSE MY MIND PEOPLE!

Brooklyn Public Library Virtual Programming

Online Events by BPL

I still serve on the board of the Brooklyn Public Library (despite having moved out of NYC last year), and I’m so proud of this institution right now. Check out the variety of online programming this public, small-d democratic institution has launched and enjoy!


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