Recommentunde Weekend: Sunday Show - 16 May 2020

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It's the light, weekend edition.

0. Yay for Saturday

It's been a week, as usual, here in the United States. I'm feeling all kinds of disappointed in my nation's continued fuckery with regard to the coronavirus. I suspect you feel the same, and I'll be processing some of those feelings on the next show.

1. Sunday's Show - Episode 16

Sunday May 17 will mark 16 episodes of my Live On Lockdown show, and two months since I started making this thing.

The Sunday show is on Zoom at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern. Register here to join me. I predict great things for this show, and I look forward to hearing from you, which is honestly my favorite part.

Tomorrow's interview focus: California State Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo on extending empathy to front line workers, and climate activist Dahni-El Giles on what keeps him motivated to fight at all given the levels of apathy in our nation. It's a kick in the ass I needed.

2. Weekend Video Pick

Sarah Cooper has become a go-to / regular / addiction. Here's her latest lip sync TikTok on the super dumb shit our super dangerous, unfit president actually uttered.

Stay well. That's an order.

This week I was a guest on The Angry Americans podcast, and it was absolute fire! Watch.