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Hi you,

It’s me.

I’ve booked a comedy show for the evening of June 3rd, and you should be there… in the cloud of course… in Zoom… at the virtual Nowhere Comedy Club. There is limited capacity, so get your tickets now, then tell others.

I’ll use this show to share my observations on life under lockdown and beyond, plus I’ll riff on the topics you provide. There’s a VIP ticket which includes a smaller meet and greet after along with exclusive access to videos I’ve literally never shared with anyone: mid-1990s footage that proves I helped invent the internet!

In other important news, it remains open season on black people in the United States. I woke up to twin tragic news. Police in Minneapolis murdered a black man on video, in cold blood, despite his protestations that he couldn’t breath. It was Eric Garner all over again. Then there’s the story of Amy Cooper, the Central Park dog walker who tried to sick the police on a black man there to watch birds because he dared ask her to leash her dog. I made my own video response (also on Twitter and FB) to this latest example of white supremacy in action, and I’ve revised my call-to-action for basically every white person in this country.

Now for your regularly-scheduled content in these irregular times.

This is the poster for my June 3rd show. Click it or right here for tickets.

Forgetting Why We Remember

Editorial in the New York Times

I had no idea how Memorial Day was first commemorated. Of course, by black people! The author of this piece is David Blight who wrote an incredible biography of Frederick Douglass. I highly recommend all the words he composes.

30 Singular Films to Watch in Quarantine

Article in The Atlantic

This is just what it sounds like. You’re welcome.

What Happened to the Great American Logistics Machine?

Article in the New York Times

Add this to the pile of exhibits that the era of U.S. “greatness” may be behind us. The myth is facing reality, and logistics shows us how.

”We’re just having a bit of an earthquake here”: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Short video on Twitter

New Zealand has a competent leader, Jacinda Ardern. I think it’s helpful to remember that competent leadership is not only possible, it’s real, and it’s something we all deserve.

The Dangers of Trying to Be Superwoman

Article in Medium

A thoughtful piece about the dangers of excess stress women, especially women of color, face. The article also includes some specific tips for managing this stress and improving health.

How To Grill a Perfect Steak

Instagram Video by Ina Garten

She’s just a joy to watch.

Yo-Yo Ma Recalls Performing for JFK as a 7-Year-Old

Video on YouTube

This is a promotion for a Friday night fundraiser. The full broadcast will include performances by Harry Belafonte, Bob Newhart, Marian Anderson, Danny Kaye, Robert Frost, Maria Tallchief, Andre Previn and Hal Holbrook. Go culture!


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