Recommentunde Weekend: Stay Safe - 30 May 2020

Normally this is the light, weekend edition, but we aren't in a particularly light place are we?

0. "Stay Safe"

We've been saying "stay safe" to one another for months now and meaning it more than we ever have, and yet these two words have taken on new, more urgent, more tangible meaning as several U.S. cities have erupted with the searing pain of explosive emotions stemming from repeat cycles of multi-generational oppression and neglect. "Stay safe" comes up empty when the people charged with ensuring our safety are responsible for our demise, attack us, murder us, shoot rubber bullets at us while we exercise the same free speech rights practiced weeks earlier by gun-toting gym and hair salon enthusiasts. "Stay safe" in many cases comes down to "we keep us safe" because no one else will.

1. Upcoming Shows Sunday, Wednesday, Everyday??

I've got my regular live show Sunday (tomorrow/today) on Zoom at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern. Register here to join me. I have no plan for the show, but it will go on, and I'll be glad to have and host you.

I also have my comedy show Wednesday night, also on Zoom. Take a pause from whatever intensity will definitely be happening then, and get your tickets.

2. Weekend Media Picks

A white woman who describes herself as "not into identity politics," whose husband was a police officer, who has no lens for race according to her own admission, delivers one of the most impassioned demands for justice in the case of George Floyd that I've seen. I expect this fire from young black activists, but I can only dream of it from a person like Melissa McCrery. I have a feeling when she says it, more people will listen who usually do not, so please watch it in full and share.
Here's the instagram link. Here's the Facebook original.

Earlier today I joined a panel discussion on this tipping point moment organized by Misha Collins and Jensen and Danneel Ackles. My fellow panelists were stellar: Daryl Davis, Briona Jenkins, and Rev. Deborah Johnson.
Here's the Facebook link. And here's YouTube.

Keep someone else safe.