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Hi you,

It’s me.

Somehow, I really am doing a comedy show tomorrow night. It’s possible I’ll just scream for an hour and you can watch me do it and save your own screams for the next day, but more likely I’ll have something to say and I’ll interact with your suggested topics or questions, and we’ll all take a momentary break from the decline of everything so we can come back and rebuild everything with a bit more strength. Buy your tickets. There really are a limited number because we don’t want to break Zoom. It’s all we have left.

Now for your regularly-scheduled content in these irregular times.

This is the poster for my June 3rd show. Click it or right here for tickets.

The Rachel Maddow Show from Last Night


Listen to the first 10 minutes to understand that we are beyond playing games at this point. The U.S. president is stoking violent confrontations and threatening domestic military deployment. The U.S. senate under Mitch McConnell is doing nothing but letting the president have his way with all of us. This is not a drill.

The situation is dire. We need a better normal at the end of this

Opinion in The Washington Post

The author is Danielle Allen, and she runs the Safra Center at Harvard which has been publishing the best plans for dealing with COVID in our stupid country. She writes clearly in this piece and demands a radical reduction in incarceration among other steps to renew our capacity for self-governance.

Obama Speaks

A Twitter thread and online resource kit

The former president is deciding to speak out more. This is a really good Twitter thread and leads to a resource kit of groups to support, places to learn from, and more. If you want to help, the Obamas still got you.

31 Children’s books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance

Resources for parents or really resourceful kids I guess

I know many of you have young people in your lives. I hope this helps.

Baratunde’s World-Saving Books

Bezos-Free Bookstore

Online Bookstore that gives no money to Jeff Bezos. I’ve curated four shelves so far, and my picks are dope! I get affiliate commission, and an equal amount goes to local, independent bookstores. Not Jeff Bezos. He has enough of our money.

Trudeau Responds To Question About Trump’s Handling of U.S. Protests.

Video on Twitter

I like to share the alternate reality. Better leadership is possible. Better leadership exists. Not perfect. But better. Never forget who enabled the current president to claim and hold power. Hold them accountable too.

A Word On How Government Treats Some Protestors Differently

My video on IG

When white people showed up to protest in the middle of a pandemic with their guns and their fake military flags and their MAGA and Aryan Nation gear, screaming and spitting COVID-19 in the faces of police officers, the response was to shut down the entire legislature. Not so for us.

Me on Pivot Podcast

Podcast episode

I was on the Pivot podcast with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway. Starting at minute 21, and I think I just kind of took over the show. I offered a special message for black people in this episode: you’re great. You’re not just vulnerable and subject to harm. You’re beautiful and brilliant. Your mere existence is proof.

White Christians kneel seeking forgiveness

Short IG video

This is something beautiful. Just watch.

White Youth stand between police and kneeling black man

Short IG video

This is something beautiful. We can also be this. Every day.

Worldwide protests in solidarity with George Floyd protests in USA

Video on YouTube

The whole world is doing more than watching. They are witnessing. They are standing with us. We are not alone. We are never alone.


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