Recommentunde Weekend: Phew - 6 June 2020


0. Phew

What a week, right?

I'm exhausted. I feel like several months have passed since last Saturday, and I've aged a few years since. Congratulations for making it through. The highlight for me was getting to do a comedy show live online. If you missed it, I'll do more.

1. Upcoming Shows

I've got my regular live show Sunday (tomorrow/today) on Zoom at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern. Register here to join me. I'm looking forward to jamming with y'all, checking in, and of course sharing my thoughts on these rioting police and more.

Just before my Zoom show, I'll be on the on an IG live in the 2pm PT / 5pm ET hour with @glamourmag.

2. Weekend Media Picks

This week I was so proud to be a DC native after seeing the city's mayor elevate her trolling game to epic proportions. She had volunteers paint a gigantic "BLACK LIVES MATTER" on 16th street pointing right at the White House, and named the street across from the White House, "Black Lives Matter Plaza."

Keep each other safe.