Recommentunde Weekend: Partial Credit - 13 June 2020


0. Partial credit?

The president wants credit for moving his indoor COVID super-spreader rally from Juneteenth to June 20th. He says he did it because of feedback from African American friends and advisors -- I assume that's longhand for Ben Carson, Diamond, and Silk -- yet he's still bringing his horror show to Tulsa which has no capacity for such nonsense and remains the site of one of the deadliest massacres of Black folks in the US's history. Where is the fast forward button to January 21, 2021?

1. Upcoming Shows

I've got my regular live show Sunday (tomorrow/today) on Zoom at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern. Register here to join me. I'm looking forward to jamming with y'all, checking in, and maybe providing an update on the wildlife adventures in my back yard.

2. Weekend Media Picks

There's a lot of people jumping to express support for Black Lives Matter, but many are looking far away for places to have impact rather than tending their own garden or getting their own houses in order.

My older sister Belinda shares one such example from the world of yoga in Start with yourself: Deconstructing, Decolonizing and Un-gentrifying Yoga.

The Washington Post shares another in a half hour podcast on the history of Hollwood's love affair with cops. Lots of Hollywood execs are saying Black Lives Matter yet they've been distributing full on lies and propaganda that warps the public's sense of how the criminal punishment system really works and has done harm to millions of black lives over decades.

Keep each other safe, and remember...