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Hi you, It’s me.

Shorter opening this week with a few announcements.

I had a great birthday weekend. Thanks for all the love.

We’ve got another taping of How To Citizen with Baratunde going down tomorrow September 16, 2020 at 3pm PT/6pm ET. Our topic is new ways of worker organizing, and we have two incredible guests: Michelle Miller, co-founder of and Saru Jayaraman, president of One Fair Wage. Register to attend the Zoom taping , hang with other attendees, and maybe ask a question that ends up in the podcast!

And this Thursday evening, I’ll be doing my Live On Lockdown stream at 6pm PT, 9pm ET on IG Live , Facebook , YouTube , Twitter , Twitch , and LinkedIn . Pick your favorite platform, and turn notifications on so you don’t miss me.

I want to thank my Patrons once again for being the inner circle squad helping power so much of this work. You rock!

And now, for your regularly-scheduled content.

We had chef José Andrés on How To Citizen with Baratunde, and he rocked it.

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America

Feature in The New York Times

This is a really important piece of journalism, perhaps one of the most important of the year. If you think the racial reckoning has been intense, wait till you get a load of the climate reckoning. We have made such terrible decisions, and for the next few decades we will pay a tremendous price.

Naomi Osaka Challenges Reporter Who Asks About Her Masks With A Powerful Question

Article in Blavity

Thank you, Naomi Osaka for being a badass and using your platform to elevate the cause of freedom and justice. So dope.

In Florida, if you have a felony conviction, voting will cost you

Article in Marketplace

This is the sort of behavior that leads to people in the streets breaking shit. The courts ruled Florida can block formerly incarcerated folks from voting if they haven’t paid their fines. There are 770,000 people in this category. At an average outstanding fine of $1,000, that’s $770 million. So, Bezos and other billionaires, you want to help democracy? Step up. Fund the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

Italy’s Bergamo finds covid-19 leaves long-term effects for some

Article in The Washington Post

This pandemic will reshape our era and the time that follows. It’s a scar running through our species and our way of life.

Dave Grohl writes superhero song for Nandi Bushell in drum-off

Article in Los Angeles Times

This drum battle between Dave Grohl and 10 year old Nandi Bushell is one of the things giving me such joy lately. Check this article for the latest chapter. But watch the video below to see how this drum battle started.

Click the play button to experience pure joy. Turn the volume up.


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