Recommentunde I 500,000 | 26 Feb 2021

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Recommentunde - 26 Feb 2021


One year ago I was at a massive concert at the Staples Center. I miss people!

The possum are back in the yard! This time it’s the front yard and just one and during the day. And I now think they are cute but the daytime thing got me a wee bit concerned. What does it mean??


Friday 26 February 2021, 3-5pm PT / 6-8pm ET
#WhiskeyFriday on Clubhouse
It’s another week in review on the Clubhouse app. Still iOS only but for those on that platform who are interested, at least join the waitlist so you can play with me there. It’s weird and fun. Also reply to me and I’ll try to hook you up directly.

Thursday 4 March 2021, 8pm PT / 11pm ET
The 11th Hour with Brian Williams
I’m planning a return to the King of Shade’s show. What jacket will I wear? Who will Brian slyly glide under the bus? We shall see!

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Over five hundred thousand. We hit a number that should have been impossible to hit in the most well-resourced nation in the world, perhaps in the history of the world. I’ve gotten so used to being disappointed in our COVID response, I’ve got more than pandemic fatigue. I’ve got disappointment fatigue.

That’s a sad realization because the people who have died and the people who knew and loved them don’t get to be fatigued. There’s no rest for that weary state. Not yet at least. So before we press on with the day or our lives or even the stories in this email, let’s pause to remember the people who have died. Think about the 500,000 dead in the USA and 2 million dead beyond US borders.

Even if we didn’t personally know them, they lived. They meant something. With at least one long breath, let’s acknowledge that. Stay vigilant and patient with yourselves and each other. We are not through this yet.


The Most Ambitious Effort Yet to Reform Policing May Be Happening In Ithaca, New York | GQ

Remember the summer of revolution. Here’s one positive outcome. Good read for getting beyond slogans like “defund the police.” And here’s a bonus article showing what we can learn from policing beyond our borders. It’s the positivity-in-policing newsletter this week!

Merrick Garland finally speaks. His words were worth the wait. - The Washington Post

This is a very well written piece! Love this line: For the Republicans, justice is not something that “rolls down like waters,” it’s something that comes down like a hammer.

Optics aren’t everything. Sometimes they are the only thing. - The Washington Post

Stunning analysis of the hearings about the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol. I only just now realized this article is written by Robin Givhan, same as the Merrick Garland piece above. I now want all news analysis from this writer.

HFPA faces new scrutiny ahead of Golden Globes 2021 - Los Angeles Times

This explains a lot and makes me feel my LA Times subscription money is being put to good use.

The Mars Landing Video Blew NASA Engineers Away - The Atlantic

Yo. Science is dope. That’s all.

The role of land and landownership in shaping our history | KCRW

Consider this a bonus link. This podcast episode made me think more than anything I’ve heard in a long while.

Video Time!

SNL made a funny thing. Thanks, Sam for sending me this.

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