Trump Flags and Biden Masks

Surviving LAX, vaccine carrots, and wheelies FTW

I remember when the anti-science thing to do was to not wear masks. You remember that? Way back in 2020? Then the vaccines came and the scientists were like, “Hey, you don’t have to wear masks all the time,” and I was like, “Whatchoo talkin’ bout, science?” 

Right-wing folks had an excellent point / joke I hated to acknowledge that went something like, “Hey libtard, take off your damn mask, unless you don’t TRUST THE SCIENCE!” Oh, do I hate it when people I’m ideologically opposed to make a partially good point. Fie on you!

In my recent travels, I noticed something else: Trump signs and specifically Trump flags, still waving for the ex-president. I can’t remember seeing a flag for a person before, certainly not a former president. Yes, I’ve seen hats and pins and signs, but flags? Those are usually reserved for nations or sports teams or sports teams representing nations. 

In the places I saw the Trump flags, I never once saw a Biden flag. How does a person who voted for Joe Biden signify that affiliation? Masks. If I saw a person wearing a mask in an area dominated by Trump flags, I guarantee that person voted for Joe Biden. 

Trump flags and Biden masks. That’s science you can trust.

Happy birthday, America!

I did the VoiceOver on a California Endowment effort to get more Black folks vaccinated, and in the process, I learned some history about vaccines in the U.S. Spoiler alert: slavery. 

Other than that I’ve just been freaking out seeing people everywhere. People! IRL! 

LeVar Burton’s Quest to Succeed Alex Trebek (New York Times)

Beautiful read. What a soul.

COVID adds to California yoga and wellness QAnon problem (Los Angeles Times)

Woo-Anon is a nickname that will stick with me forever. As we lose trust in institutions and doubt everything, we will put our faith in anything that offers an explanation.

Counterpoint: Vaccine mandate at U would be counterproductive (

My man Dr. Michael Osterholm dropped a word in his most recent COVID-19 podcast. Most of what he said is in the Star Tribune piece linked above. Essentially he argues for a carrot, not a stick, approach to getting more people vaccinated. But the part that really got me was when he acknowledged that those of “us” on the left or side of “science” can be as absolutist and intolerant as the right. It’s a delicate situation with vaccines, but dismissing anyone who has any question as “anti-vaxx” is not going to help us protect our communities against COVID. 

A Q&A with Social Psychologist Jack Glaser on Racial Bias and Policing (Social Science Matrix)

This interview is full of insightful nuggets that we often miss in our news feeds. For example, most “implicit bias training” in policing is bullshit. Also, it’s very hard to change behavior, but a key way is to change incentives. 

Drought, wildfire conditions evolving at an unprecedented pace (Los Angeles Times)

It’s getting hot in here y’all. To the people of the Pacific Northwest, dang! Hang in there. This is a useful guide the Sacramento Bee pulled together which should help people in wildfire areas beyond Northern California. 

Mystery of the wheelie suitcase: how gender stereotypes held back the history of an invention (The Guardian)

“The world is full of people who would rather die than let go of certain notions of masculinity.” This is what I’m talking about. “Inclusion” isn’t just about helping the excluded. It’s about giving us all the benefit of those perspectives. When we exclude folks, we don’t just hurt them—we hurt ourselves. 

Video Time!

Good for the general wanting to understand whiteness and white rage. We should teach this sort of situational awareness to our future military leaders.