How To Citizen 🎙

This is a private place for Baratunde Insiders to access ad-free versions of the How To Citizen with Baratunde podcast as well as bonus audio and materials

How To Citizen, S3 E4: Move Slow and Fix Things (with Esra’a Al Shafei)Listen now | The ad-free episode that shows us how dangerous "scale" can be in tech
How To Citizen, S3 E3: Public Parks and Re-creation (with Eli Pariser)Listen now | The ad-free episode that sets up all the solutions for this season (and life?)
How To Citizen, S3 E2: A Podcast-Sized History of Tech (with Scott Galloway)Listen now | The ad-free unofficial history of hope, possibility, and problems with Pivot co-host
How To Citizen, S3 E1: Baratunde’s Tech Origins (with Belinda Yvonne Thurston)Listen now | The ad-free conversation with my big sister
Comedians Who Read the Newspaper (with Hari Kondabolu)Listen now | Season 2, Episode 12 (finale!), No Ads
Baratunde Reflects on Season TwoListen now (35 min) | Season 2, Episode 11, No Ads
In People We Trust (with Aisha Nyandoro)Listen now (40 min) | Season 2, Episode 10, No Ads
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