Congratulations on your expansive view and original perceptions, not to mention your worldly success. Stay true!

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As a fellow Sidwell Friends alumnus I'm glad things are going well for you. The list of notables on your list of honorees is, overall, quite impressive.

HOWEVER, personally, I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton. No, she's not an authoritarian election denier and she says much that that most on the Blue side of politics would agree with. She seems to have begun as a genuinely well-motivated reformer. However, NONE of her public statements in recent years have contributed to meaningful dialog, indicated original thought, or showed an understanding of the internal problems the Democratic Party need to remedy.

One example among several: Her scandalous, high-handed--and in my view--illegal deletion of e-mails that should have been preserved for the public record (for which she used her private server instead of her official account) might well be in the same category as the files Trump illegally pilfered. This could have been one factor contributed to otherwise Democratic-leaning voters staying home, and helping Trump get elected in 2016.

I would urge you to stay FAR from the line between supporting what is morally right and apologizing for those who the venture into the ethical gray areas, which so many in politics and business do today. No question that this is a challenge. But those that meet it will be making a statement of tremendous power. Without such men and women it's hard to imagine a world that can survive the false gods or autocracy or the perils of climate change.

Can we meditate on the contributions of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., John McCain, Mohammed Ali and Bobby Kennedy? Though I might not agree with everything they said and did—and despite their human flaws--they took enormous risks and persevered. I find them vastly more inspiring than many on today’s political scene.

I’d be honored should you choose to respond.

Very best wishes,

Jack Tottle

Professor Emeritus

East Tennessee State University

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This. "But I also remain skeptical, primarily about the premise that the key to unlocking our future lay in financializing everything."

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