Aug 30, 2021

Voice memo: America Outdoors behind the scenes

A hosting confessional on the challenges of making this show

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Baratunde Thurston
It's true. We all feel it in the United States. We are having some kind of moment. Where it goes, we can't say, but right here, right now, something significant is happening involving race and in particular, policing. In this limited run series, Baratunde Thurston explains and explores what feels like a defining moment in American history.When Mitt Romney joins a Black Lives Matter march, when NASCAR bans the Confederate flag, when major cities actually contemplate defunding the police, and when Adidas retweets Nike in support of Black lives, something big is going on.
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Hello from Northern Minnesota!

I have had to pause my regular weekly emails as I wrap the filming for my PBS series America Outdoors. It won’t air until summer 2022 but I thought I would share a moment or reflection I had while filming. It’s the sort of thing I built this list for.

I am likely to keep everyone receiving the paid subscriber-only messages like this through my birthday on September 11 as my birthday gift to you.

I return with your regular emails soon! Miss ya.