How To Citizen, S3 E4: Move Slow and Fix Things (with Esra’a Al Shafei)Listen now | The ad-free episode that shows us how dangerous "scale" can be in tech
How To Citizen, S3 E3: Public Parks and Re-creation (with Eli Pariser)Listen now | The ad-free episode that sets up all the solutions for this season (and life?)
How To Citizen, S3 E2: A Podcast-Sized History of Tech (with Scott Galloway)Listen now | The ad-free unofficial history of hope, possibility, and problems with Pivot co-host
How To Citizen, S3 E1: Baratunde’s Tech Origins (with Belinda Yvonne Thurston)Listen now | The ad-free conversation with my big sister

June 2021

Comedians Who Read the Newspaper (with Hari Kondabolu)Listen now | Season 2, Episode 12 (finale!), No Ads
Baratunde Reflects on Season TwoListen now (35 min) | Season 2, Episode 11, No Ads
In People We Trust (with Aisha Nyandoro)Listen now (40 min) | Season 2, Episode 10, No Ads

May 2021

Not Another Patchouli-Soaked Co-Op (with Jamila Medley)Listen now | Season 2, Episode 9, No Ads
Working 5 to 9 (with Ai-jen Poo)Listen now (44 min) | Season 2, Episode 8, No Ads
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Broadband (with Bruce Patterson)Listen now (47 min) | Season 2, Episode 7, No Ads
Don’t Be an A**hole (with Marie Estrada)Listen now (36 min) | In a future where we depend increasingly on Amazon, the fates of many small businesses hang in the balance. In this episode…

April 2021

But They Make It So Easy! (with Stacy Mitchell)Listen now (44 min) | Our extreme wealth inequality isn’t just caused by economic exclusion; we are also struggling with the concentration of corporate…