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How To Citizen, S3 E4: Move Slow and Fix Things (with Esra’a Al Shafei)

How To Citizen, S3 E3: Public Parks and Re-creation (with Eli Pariser)

How To Citizen, S3 E2: A Podcast-Sized History of Tech (with Scott Galloway)

How To Citizen, S3 E1: Baratunde’s Tech Origins (with Belinda Yvonne Thurston)

Season 3 of How To Citizen is here!

Find Calm In The Storm

Voice memo: America Outdoors behind the scenes

Delta Means Change

Insider voice memo 4: Olympic thoughts

I Want Your Input for Season 3 of How To Citizen

Still Celebrating America’s Birthday

Insider voice memo 3: My Visit To George Floyd Square

Insider voice memo 2: Happy Birthday, America

Trump Flags and Biden Masks

Insider voice memo 1

Real quick, for the weekend

Comedians Who Read the Newspaper (with Hari Kondabolu)

Baratunde Reflects on Season Two

Will it be illegal to teach about the Juneteenth holiday?

Behind The Scenes for America Outdoors

My First Flight Since March 2020

In People We Trust (with Aisha Nyandoro)

Our Democracy Is Still In Crisis

Your ideas for the next newsletter?

Not Another Patchouli-Soaked Co-Op (with Jamila Medley)

Take A Moment To Grieve

A Special Thanks, Baratunde Insider

Working 5 to 9 (with Ai-jen Poo)

I Used The Same Door 😳

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Broadband (with Bruce Patterson)

We Moved!

Don’t Be an A**hole (with Marie Estrada)

Oh hey, it's the America I want to see

But They Make It So Easy! (with Stacy Mitchell)

Recommentunde | Air ⚖️ | 23 Apr 2021

Land Without Landlords (with Noni Session)

Ownership Is Key (with Sam Polk)

Recommentunde | Conan 💪 | 9 Apr 2021

Why Is Our Economy So … White? (with Heather McGhee)

Recommentunde | The Trial | 1 Apr 2021

It’s All Greek to Me! (with Astra Taylor)

Recommentunde | Yay TV | 26 Mar 2021

Introducing: Season 2 of How To Citizen with Baratunde

Recommentunde | Really Bad Day | 18 Mar 2021

A sample thing

Recommentunde I ABC 📺 | 2 Mar 2021

Recommentunde I 500,000 | 26 Feb 2021

Recommentunde I Cancun 🏝 | 19 Feb 2021

Recommentunde I Feeling Free | 10 Feb 2021

Recommentunde I Free Speech | 4 Jan 2021

Recommentunde I Better Days | 27 Jan 2021

Recommentunde I Begin Again | 20 Jan 2021

Recommentunde I Insurrection 💣 | 6 Jan 2021